Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

Just a few snapshots from our Easter weekend. To be honest, I am very tired today. I think it is from all the activities from the past three days. So I will be laying low today and try to catch up on my energy.

On Saturday morning we had the ward/neighborhood Easter egg hunt at the park in the rain. The kids loved it because there were fewer hunters there--so they got lots more eggs this time than in previous years. Here is my wet Kitty with her haul:

Saturday night we colored eggs. Patch got in trouble for writing "Kitty stinks" with wax crayon on his egg and then coloring it in the blue dye. Naughty boy.

Sunday lunch was at my house. Here is a pic with me and my mom (we are the middle two). On the left is my Aunt Kay and on the right is Kay's daughter-in-law Marcie. We had another egg hunt in the back yard after lunch and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

In the late afternoon we headed across town to my SIL's house for dinner. After dinner my MIL brought out three lamb shaped cakes for the three granddaughters to frost and decorate. Here is Sweetie Peach (foreground), her cousin Amberly, and my MIL getting started.

Below is the finished product of all three lambs. Kitty (left) named hers Jo, Sweetie Peach (middle) named hers Rosella (Rose for short because there were not enough orange jelly beans to spell the full name out). I am not sure what Amberly named hers.

In addition to all these fun activities there was church (the choir program went pretty good and I subbed in Primary), Easter baskets (the Easter Bunny came on Saturday for the first time in our family, which was better because we have early church), a baptism we attended, and the filled assignment to clean the church on Saturday. No wonder I am so tired today!

I hope your Easter weekend went great!

Scripture of the Day: Alma 11:45


  1. Looks like a great Easter weekend!

  2. looks like you had a terrific time judging from the smiles on the girls faces.

  3. I got tired just reading about your weekend! No wonder you are tired. But how fun! The lamb cakes are darling--and my big question . . . what do you do with all those eggs you collect?

  4. I use a lot of the plastic eggs to donate back to the ward/neighborhood hunt the following year. I also give some back to my parents who organize the backyard hunt each year. The kids don't eat jelly beans or peanuts (my parents put those in) or some other kinds of candy, so it is not too much junk for them.


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