Sunday, April 26, 2009


I have been too lazy to write blog posts this weekend. But here I am after 10:30 p.m. writing one. Actually this will be a list of the blog posts I have considered writing, but for some reason or another have not.

1. Kitty's new skirt. Yep, I sewed her a skirt on Saturday. I got tired of trying to find long enough ones that were nice enough for church but did not cost an arm and a leg. It turned out well, but I am too lazy to take a picture and upload it. Maybe in a day or two...

2. Misi's birthday party. I had a fun time Saturday evening attending this little party. Jamie did a great job pulling off the surprise, and the food and conversation and fun was just what I needed. Sorry, I did not take a camera with me.

3. Missionary Moments. I think I will replace my Year of Miracles with Missionary Moments. But I am kinda chicken. Sad for an RM to say right? What do y'all think? I have a list of 101 missionary ideas I could draw from, but the challenge is tough, especially because pretty much everyone on my street is already a member.

4. Little Dorrit. Has anyone besides me been watching this on Masterpiece Theater (the reason I am up so late tonight)? This film is based on a Charles Dickens novel. It was six episodes long and I really enjoyed it. Very well done. But worthy of a full blog post? Nah.

And last but not least,

5. The Primary talent show, for which I had to write about 10 limericks. I think I will blog about this in a day or so, but I just could not get into the groove today. OneHM did blog about it and even posted some cute pics from it. And I have more pics to post as well (you'll be excited to learn Patch's talent: making toast).

Oh, and a post about Sunday naps would be good too. I had a lovely 90 minute nap today. Best nap I have had in a long time! But now I am off to bed for more sleep.

Scripture of the Day: 2 Nephi 25:13-14


  1. Love the super-post-of-all-posts. I don't usually let drafts pile up, but I was noticing yesterday that I have about 5 little snippets that aren't enough to be their own. Maybe I'll steal your idea and clear out my draft folder.

    My next RS lesson is on Missionary work. My first thought was, "Yes!" followed rather quickly by, "no. wait. shoot. Now everyone will know that I'm too scared to actually do it!"

  2. this one super post, I have been feeling a little like you. Lazy!

    I am giving you an award here:


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