Friday, April 24, 2009

Police Beat #38

Happy Friday!

A student received a random phone call on his cell phone Oct. 24 from someone trying to sell him drugs using the slang language and when he replied “What?” the person hung up the phone.

(Comment: If you are cold calling people to sell drugs, you shouldn’t use slang. And diction is very important as well.)

Two-foot high red marker graffiti was painted on the side of building B-67 Oct. 27. The graffiti was a mixture of initials and X’s.

(Comment: It's amazing they can tell the marker was so large just by seeing the graffiti. Awesome detective work!)

A male individual chose not to follow rules became belligerent with the attendant in the Indoor Tennis Courts who tried to enforce them. He has caused problems in the past.

(Comment: I didn't know John McEnroe attended BYU. Hmmm.)

An employee who leaves his office in the same way in the Fletcher Building found that his blinds had been closed Oct. 26. He also discovered some gambling Internet sites he had never accessed were in his computer history.

(Comment: Also, his pencil sharpener shavings had been emptied, corners had been folded down on pages in a few textbooks, and his office chair was lowered by an inch. Good thing the cops were called!)

One female BYU employee reported receiving a series of harassing e-mails. The e-mails contained messages regarding a supposed conspiracy involving Mormons, Jews, the Third Reich, AARP and the CIA.

(Comment: Oh, the wisdom of the elderly in their ability to get the Jews to come together and work with the Third Reich. Something I never thought I would see in my lifetime!)

A female student told police March 2 that another female, not a student, made threats against her after the student ended the two women’s friendship, which the other woman apparently did not want to end. Police said the second woman threatened to turn the student into the Honor Code Office for undisclosed reasons.

(Comment: Two words: Lohan and Ronson)

Scripture of the Day: Luke 24:6


  1. Oh, BYU. You crazy little school, you.

  2. i thought i cleaned up after i took my lunch break in that office..
    i never thought he'd call the police..
    the cleaning crew always uses his office..little does he know!

    as usual.. great friday fun!

  3. Oh, Becky, I didn't get back to you the other day--I'm so sorry. Ok, here are the nutritionals for the herb bubble bread:

    1 piece equals 110 calories, 4 g fat (2g saturated), 8 mg cholesterol, 212 mg sodium, 14 g carb, 1 g fiber, 4 g protein. That's for one ball--there are supposed to be about 16 per loaf. Now, I wanted to tell you that I made it the other day with olive oil instead--I did 1/8c EVOO and 1/8c light tasting olive oil, instead of the 1/4 cup butter. It worked well, though I had to bake it a touch longer. So it was slightly healthier...every little bit helps, right? lol

    Tell me how you like it. My son, who hates to eat, actually ate some of it. We LOVE it!!

  4. Very funny. Loved your marker comment. It was my first good laugh of the day. :-)


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