Sunday, April 5, 2009

General Conference Topline Report (part 4)

Sunday AM Session

Speaker 1: Dieter F. Uchdorf
President Uchdorf's talk focused on the Easter theme of the Savior and becoming a disciple. "Christ came to earth, lived a perfect life, atoned for our sins, and conquered death." His example is the way of discipleship, even during times of peril, sorrow, or adversity. Although the world continuously offers solutions that fail to work, the gospel of Jesus Christ has the answers to our problems and "unlocks the door to true happiness." A disciple stays with it; "we do not earn eternal life in a sprint." Rather, it is a "race of endurance." Discipleship is not a spectator sport. We need to be humble, pray to Him, and serve others.

Speaker 2: Neil L. Andersen
Elder Andersen began by expressing love for President Monson and humility at being called as the newest apostle. He has seen the power of God at work among the saints around the world. He expressed deep respect for the men of the Seventy and testified that they are anointed of God. The latter days are a wonderful time to be on earth. The restoration offers light to the world, a standard to the world, and messengers of truth. There are many pioneers around the world today who do not shrink from the message of the restored gospel.

Speaker 3: Steven E. Snow
(Of the Seventy)
Change was the topic of Elder Snow's talk. Change is an essential part of life's experience. To handle change well we should: 1. Follow the prophets (they warn and council us); 2. Keep an eternal perspective (change is part of the eternal plan); 3. Have faith (do not let fear and dread enter your heart); and 4. Be of good cheer (laugh instead of groaning as Elder Wirthlin counseled).

Speaker 4: Sister Thompson
(Of the RS General Presidency)
Sister Thompson reviewed three major points given at last fall's genera Relief Society broadcast: 1. We need to increase our faith and know we are children of Heavenly Father; 2. We should strengthen home and family through the use of scripture study, FHE, and family prayer; and 3. We should serve the Lord and His children--there are opportunities everywhere.

Speaker 5: Jeffrey R. Holland
President Holland addressed his talk to those who are alone, feel alone, or those who feel abandoned--which is all of us at one time or another. He walked through the last days of the Savior's ministry as gradually the Savior was abandoned by all of his "supporting circle." The most difficult moment was the concluding descent of divine withdrawal where even our Heavenly Father had to leave the Savior alone. This was required so the Son would be able experience the pain felt by those who would suffer from spiritual death. "This Easter week, stand by Christ. For surely that is how He stands by us."

Speaker 6: Thomas S. Monson
Although the many difficulties facing our society could make it easy to be frustrated or discouraged, we should not dwell on that which is wrong. Focus instead on our blessings. President Monson then related the examples of three people who, despite great challenges, showed gratitude for being a part of the restored gospel. "The future is as bright as your faith."


  1. You sum up these talks beautifully!!

    Did you catch any new temples? Did I just miss the whole thing?

  2. They did not announce any new temples, so you did not miss it.


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