Friday, April 17, 2009

Police Beat #37

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I think the crazies are taking over at BYU:

Jan. 18: Police received a call about a woman who was attempting to use a shovel to get into a car in a parking lot north of the Marriott Center. The woman has a history of mental problems and caused $1,500 worth of damage to her own car.

(Comment: Long winters in Utah have a tendency to cause people to go crazy. Wouldn't you go crazy after three months of this?)

Jan. 10: Police responded to a call about an unidentified male on foot who intentionally ran into the left fender of a female student’s vehicle. After slamming into the car, the man ran away yelling, “She hit me! She hit me!” By the time officers reached the scene, the male was gone.

(Comment: Sounds like someone went off his Thorazine... )

Jan. 26: Police responded to a call from witnesses about an ill student in his vehicle. The student was just taking a nap.

(Comment: BYU needs to open a psych ward. He (she?) was not just taking a nap, mental illness was definitely at play here.)

Feb. 21: A male student was arrested for multiple vehicular burglaries at 3 a.m. Officers responded to a witness’s call. A foot pursuit ensued, and he was apprehended and booked into Utah County Jail. Multiple items were recovered when he started throwing stuff during the pursuit.

(Comment: A comprehensive list of the items thrown and recovered includes 2 CTR rings, 1 teal colored quad, CD of Mindy Gledhill music, a Franklin planner, 3 textbooks (Doctrine & Covenants Made Easier, Eternal Marriage Preparation, and Ethics for LDS Business Leaders), and a Cansolidator still in the box, and a bottle of 500 mg Prozac pills.)

Feb. 27: An elderly man was walking with two Chihuahuas when a dog got loose and began running around the Talmage Building. Police were unable to find the dog.

(Comment: Did they look here? See below.)


  1. I love that someone called the police about the student napping. Have they ever been to a unversity campus before?

  2. LOL...once again you have left me laughing. I love the photo of the dog.

  3. Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha! Those were the best yet thanks to your HILARIOUS comments!


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