Friday, April 3, 2009

Police Beat #35

Welcome Friday! Hope your day is great!

March 24: A female employee at the Taylor Building reported receiving more than 20 rude phone calls on the same day from someone wanting to talk to the social service director. The employee said she traced the call back to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.

(Comment: The mental ward at UVRMC really should not be letting patients use the phone.)

March 24: A secretary in the SWKT found a suspicious envelope in the mail. The envelope was covered in nonsense writing in magic marker and contained a newspaper article.

(Comment: The article was probably about the evils of magic marker sniffing.)

March 24: Police responded to a report of two male students climbing the wall on the west side of the law library. The suspects told the officer they were parkouring, or trying to move from point to point as easily and quickly as possible. The officer told the students the activity is not allowed on campus.

(Comment: Don't the police know parkouring is what every student running late to class does? How are they going to prevent it?)

March 24: A bag containing a camera and accessories worth $1,500 was stolen from an unlocked drawer in an unlocked office in Creative Services at the BYU Bookstore sometime between March 17 and 20.

(Comment: The thief performed some creative service to steal it without being known for possibly more than three days! Impressive!)

March 26: An employee at the traffic booth on South Campus Drive reported people taking traffic cones and getting into a truck. Police stopped the truck and found traffic cones labeled ‘BYU Police’ visible in the backseat. The driver admitted to taking the cones to put on a friend’s car. Three females, including a BYU student, a UVU student and a visiting friend, were issued citations for theft. The nine traffic cones were valued at $135.

(Comment: Doesn't that sound like the beginning of a joke? "A BYU student, a UVU student, and a visiting friend were stealing traffic cones...")

Scripture of the Day: Alma 27:28


  1. Wasn't $1500 the number of dollars lost on campus in last weeks post?

  2. No, but there was $5000 lost on campus two weeks ago by a faculty member I believe.

  3. YAY! I love Fridays! The parkouring thing is too hysterical!!

  4. thanks for my friday laughs!

  5. It's so weird that it's not called UVU. I went there when it was good old UVSC.


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