Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Talent Show (or lack thereof?)

Last Friday night was our ward primary talent show. I try to make sure each of the kids sign up so they have opportunities to develop their talents and feel positive about themselves. For Sweetie Peach I arranged for her and a friend to sing "C is for Cookie" together. They practiced a bit, but kind of forgot some of it. We tried to get them to eat cookies like the Cookie Monster near the end of the song, but we could not get them to even make a mess. I guess they have been trained to well to be neat eaters.

In addition to the cookie singing, Sweetie Peach also did an "interpretive dance" with a friend to the song "Love Story" by Taylor Swift. There was a little stage fright during this performance as well, but it was still cute.

For Kitty I decided her participation in the Activity Days skit would be enough. We put together a "What Not to Wear" fashion show and each girl came out in outfits that did not fit a situation, were tacky, etc. I had written a limerick to go with each outfit. It turned out cute. Kitty is the middle girl in the olive green shirt and jeans. She was supposedly showing up to a swim meet in baseball gear.

I thought my DH had taken a picture of Patch and his making toast talent, but there is not one on the camera (OneHM do you have one?). Yep, making toast. And I made him practice it too. He did not appreciate me having him practice, but I wanted to make sure he had thought it all through. He got some laughs and the young kids thought he was funny. I think the adults were all wondering a bit about the whole thing though.


  1. How fun! I haven't been in a traditional ward for so long, that I forget how much fun these are.

  2. That's great; I should do something like this for my primary.

  3. The ward Primary talent show is one of my favorite things ever! Sweetie Peach was DARLING DARLING DARLING! I was smitten!
    And your other kiddos did a great job too! And YES, I got quite a few pictures of Patch making toast. His skills are impressive. I have a bunch of photos that I need to get together for you! I'll do it soon, I promise. :)

  4. They look so cute. And you guys have it set up so cute!

  5. i have some pictures too. we are going to hang them up on the primary board in the hall. i can send them over if you would like.

  6. Looks and sounds like lots of fun.


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