Friday, April 10, 2009

Police Beat #36

Happy Good Friday! Really!

April 1: An April Fools’ joke turned mischievous when an R.A. opened his door in Merrill Hall to have garbage fall on his head. The door was plastic wrapped and duct-taped so when the door was opened the garbage fell.

(Comment: And this was reported to the police because...??? Maybe because it was a misuse of the miraculous product known as duct-tape.)

April 1: A female employee said when she tried to park, a Lexus driver blocked her car and made an obscene gesture before he drove off. When she returned that afternoon, she found her car vandalized with shaving cream.

(Comment: Those pranks always come back to bite you in the obscene gesture.)

March 31: A student is suspected of leaving a professor harassing and threatening phone calls.

(Comment: For example, "Tell me what those test questions are or else I will report you to standards for having facial hair!")

April 4: Three intoxicated males were found in the Wilkinson Student Center. One was asked to leave and the other two were taken to their residences.

(Comment: Relatives of general authorities always seem to get treated better than the rest of us schmoes.)

April 5: An abandoned golf cart belonging to BYU was suspected to have been used for joyriding.

(Comment: Yet another example of those MBA students gone wild!)

Scripture of the Day: D&C 130:18


  1. LOL I love the golf cart one!!

    Seriously...if it's not where it was...there's a good chance it was used for fun!! :)

  2. I love these, they are so fun to laugh at.


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