Monday, April 6, 2009

General Conference Topline Report (part 5)

Sunday PM Session

Speaker 1: Dallin H. Oaks
The LDS people are unique in the extent of service they provide (both missionary and temple work) and in their ability to work together through effective organization. The Lord requires sacrifice and service of His people. A willingness to sacrifice comes from faith in Jesus Christ, inspired teachings, and commitment to covenants. We should follow the Lord's standards rather than the selfishness of the world. There is selfishness in "every trendy action of the world", including in forms of entitlement and gambling. This life is about what we can become. We are happier when we give, not when we get.

Speaker 2: David A. Bednar
A friend of Elder Bednar gave him advice when he first became a stake president: he said he wished he had been a temple worker before being stake president. As a result, Elder Bednar made the temple the focus of his ministry as a stake president. The divine purpose of gathering the saints is to build temples. Our eternal goal does not end at baptism, but rather goes on to the temple. In the ordinances of the temple we more fully take upon ourselves the name of Christ. But there is a difference between those who regularly worship in the temple and those who rush to get a session in out of obligation. We should study repeatedly the lessons taught in the temple.

Speaker 3: Gary E. Stevenson
(Of the Seventy)
"You are never lost when you can see the temple." The temple provides direction and is an eternal guidepost. As we touch the temple, the temple will touch us. It is the most holy place on earth. Our homes should be just as holy. President Stevenson then took us on a "virtual tour" of our own home and asked if it needed any improvements to become more like the temple. There is a righteous unity between the temple and the home.

Speaker 4: Jose A. Teixeira
(Of the Seventy)
We need to understand the atonement to understand our part in the Plan of Salvation. We are given spiritual gifts to help us in our mortal experience, especially the gift of agency. Heavenly Father trusts us and will never force us to choose the right. Just like a GPS device, we have been given a conscience, the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and the gift of faith to help use make right choices that will prevent us from getting lost.

Speaker 5: F. Michael Watson
(Of the Seventy)
The wisdom of those who have gone before us can help us return if we are willing to give them the reigns. In searching the scriptures there is a pattern that often occurs: a question is asked, the answer is given, and a promise is extended. For example, Psalms 24:3-5 is an example of this pattern. Latter-day prophets have also followed this pattern of teaching. Elder Watson then reviewed the powerful teachings of the last seven prophets he has had the ability to work with in his lifetime.

Speaker 6: L. Tom Perry
Elder Perry's talk was about missionary work. The D&C teaches three important principles regarding member missionary work: 1. (D&C 8:81) Members to do a better part of finding people for the missionaries to teach. Too often missionaries are wasting their time trying to find investigators. Members need to "step up to a job that is rightfully ours." 2. (D&C 33:7-10) We need to open our mouths. The three things we should say when opening our mouths include declaring a belief in Jesus Christ and the atonement, tell about the first vision, and testify of the Book of Mormon. 3. (D&C 18:15-16) We will receive joy when we have helped others return to our Heavenly Father.

Speaker 7: Thomas S. Monson
President Monson urged us to study, ponder, and apply the messages we have been taught during this conference. We need to strive to live closer to the Lord. We should express our love to our children more often. He then gave a strong word of caution regarding Internet usage, expecially in relation to pornography addiction (including cell phone images). "Do not be trapped by this." We should go to the temple where we can give great service to others and we "literally become Saviors on Mount Zion." He expressed the desire that our "homes be full of harmony and love."


  1. Thanks for doing this. I went to type up my notes last night to use in seminary this morning and then thought, "wait, I don't need to do that. I will just copy Becky's!" It was a huge help. Thanks.

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