Thursday, April 9, 2009

More Random Happenings

Here's some more random happenings from my life...

My kids keep getting candy thrown to them by the UPS guy. Every time he comes down the street in his big brown delivery truck they run to the front yard and then he tosses candy out to them as he goes by. I am torn by this because I don't know who this guy is and I wonder if it is against company policy. The first time it happened they ate the candy before telling me (yes, I have trained them so well in matters of safety). Nothing has ever been bad about the candy... but, it still makes me slightly nervous.

I am hosting Easter dinner at my house on Sunday. Since my mom is a CPA and is buried in tax returns right now I decided to show some mercy.

Today I went to the 50th anniversary party for the company for which I work. They gave out jerseys to all the employees. Also, they played a jeopardy game and one of the answers to the game was ME! They asked which employee recently published a children's book. Technically it is not a children's book, but still I was surprised they threw that one in there.

I have a strange bump behind my left ear. Not sure what it is. Maybe it is a zit, but I have never has a zit behind my ear before. On my ear, yes. But never behind.

My MIL gave us a Roku box that has a wireless connection from the TV to the computer. It lets us upload free movies from our Netflix account to watch on demand. The kids and my DH have been watching waaaaay too much TV ever since it was installed. I may need to put it in check soon if this continues.

Tomorrow is April break for the kids. I have no plans for them yet. Not sure I want to make any plans either. I am kind of feeling blah about it.

Scripture of the Day: 1 Peter 1:3


  1. We have one--we call it a slingbox--but it doesn't work with our new TV and I really miss it! Hope your spring break/Easter holiday gets less blah!

  2. How cool is that to be an answer to a jeopardy question! (And for a good reason:-) Congrats on that. And about the bump, I had one once behind my ear and it went away afte a couple weeks. Hopefully yours will as well.

  3. Isn't it sad that we're super suspicious of a nice man giving children candy? But, I totally get it; sounds sketchy to me too.

  4. -that would kind of creep me out too. Here's hoping he's just an innocent and very nice guy and not some maniac.(and I don't know many kids who wouldn't eat it, trained or not)
    -that is nice of you!
    -That is so cool that they knew that and gave you a shout out!
    -Ugh! I hate the behind-the-ear zit. husband wants one of those.
    -My kids have been on spring break this week and I haven't done one single thing that I had planned to do; either for them or for me!

  5. Good news -
    The ROku box is cool.

    Bad news-
    The UPS man is scaring me.

  6. I am not sure about the candy thing with the UPS guy, at least you know how to "TRACK" him down!

    I had a strange bump behind my right ear not to long ago. I left it alone, except to wash behind my ear. It went away after about a week.

    I still have not done my easter shopping. But have dinner at least planned out.

  7. Becky-
    We know the UPS guy. He is Clarks friends dad. Very safe and trustworthy! He throws candy at my kids every day and I am sure he is just moving down the street to include all the other kids in the neighborhood. If your kids dont want the candy, send it our way!
    Jill Barney

  8. Thanks for letting me know Jill! Katie said it was the dad of someone in her class, but I wasn't quite sure I should believe her. But your word puts my mind at ease!


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