Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Basket Goodies

There is a great little article in the Ensign this month with suggestions of religious items to include in kid Easter baskets. Some of the items listed include:

1. Mini hymnal or Primary Songbook
2. New ERA poster cards
3. CTR rings
4. Red scripture-marking pencils or highlighters
5. Picture of the Savior

I like this idea a lot and have been brainstorming to add to the list. Here is what I have so far:

- Church-related stickers
- Charms for a bracelet/necklace like these
- DVD of the church movie Easter Dream
- A tie (rolled up into an egg maybe)
- A storybook of the resurrection
- Consecrated oil container/keychain
- Book mark for scriptures
- A framed picture of the temple or of your family
- CD of music from MoTab or other uplifting group
- A written version of your testimony of the Savior

I also like the idea of printing out some scriptures on paper and putting them inside eggs with the candy (which reminds me of this post I wrote last year for an Easter morning scripture study). You could also use pictures of the Savior and make a sacrament picture book, too.

If you have additional ideas to make Easter baskets more special be sure to leave it in a comment!

Scripture of the Day: Alma 40:2-3


  1. Boy, these are really good ideas! I still do the traditional basket but my kids (yes, even the 19 and 14 yr old) get them on Saturday morning instead of Sunday.

  2. This year I'm giving each of my kids their own copy of the Illustrated Book of Mormon reader so that they can start a habit of personal scripture study on their own. And this isn't that churchy really--but you could attach Alma 32 to it-- I always put seeds in their baskets so we can plant a garden together.

  3. These are some great, fun ideas!

  4. We do the same as Heidi and give out baskets on Saturday. My parents always did it that way and so we have followed the tradition. I love all your ideas though. I will have to see if I can think of any others.

  5. These are all wonderful ideas. I'm so glad that I saw it before Easter so that I can implement them. :)

  6. I forgot to say that I am sorry I missed the opportunity to tag you yesterday with a "keeping it real" picture! :-) I did come very close to putting you down.

  7. So now I feel lame about the 4 webkins I bought yesterday.

    I do try to to all of that stuff on saturday, though, and we do more spiritual stuff on Sunday. I mean, we're still eating the chocolate from Saturday, but the big crazy excitement is over and we can focus on the Savior.


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