Saturday, April 4, 2009

General Conference Topline Report

Saturday AM Session

Speaker 1: President Thomas S. Monson

Called Neil L. Andersen to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and asked for a sustaining vote.
Briefly summarized some of the broad improvements the Church is seeing, including temple dedications ("There is something about a temple dedication that prompts a reevaluation of one's own performance."), 53,000 missionaries serving, and the success of the PEF. President Monson thanked us for our prayers for him and encouraged members to "have a renewed determination to live the gospel."

Speaker 2: Robert D. Hales
President Hales' addressed the "vital lessons" that come from economic adversity, as well as those who have lost agency due to poor past choices (i.e., through addictions). He encouraged us to become "Provident Providers", which are those who provide while following the principles of Provident Living. He gave two personal examples of learning principles of provident living, emphasizing the need to look at the "temporary" vs. "eternal value" of choices.

Speaker 3: Margaret S. Lifferth
(of the Primary General Presidency)
Sister Lifferth discussed the great need to nourish the souls of our children with the "living word" and "water." To truly feed His lambs we have to cultivate respect for each other and reverence for God. "Reverence for God is strengthened as we learn to respect others." Adults need to set the example to help teach reverence and respect to children. Numerous suggestions for helping to encourage reverence at church were provided by Sister Lifferth.

Speaker 4: Michael A. Neider
(of the YM General Presidency)
Brother Neider began by praising the addition of virtue to the YW general theme and emphasized that sisters should not be "the only example of virtue" in the Church. Then he went on to teach the young men about the importance of quorums. "A quorum is a class, a brotherhood, and a service unit." Bishops were encouraged to utilize YM/YW class presidencies in striving to reach ward goals.

Speaker 5: Allan F. Packer
(of the Seventy)
President Packer emphasized the need to build our testimonies on bedrock during these challenging times and outlined the steps needed to become truly converted: 1. Have the desire; 2. Study; and 3. Ask through prayer for a testimony. Our "capacity to receive personal inspiration will be necessary in coming days."

Speaker 6: D. Todd Christofferson
Elder Christofferson emphasized the need for strong Christians who can "defend against moral relativism and militant atheism." Divine covenants make for strong Christians. By honoring our covenants with the Lord we can 1. receive empowering blessings; 2. have the faith to perservere; and 3. be bestowed with divine power.

Speaker 7: Henry B. Eyring
The one common challenge we will all experience in this earth experience is adversity. Adversity can bring fear and anger and can even shake our faith. The purpose of his talk was "to assure us that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live and love all humanity." Trials will educate us, help us to be truly penitent, and will purify us. As we rely on the Atonement of the Savior we will have the strength to endure through adversity.


  1. Thank you for this concise synopsis. With 3 small ones, I'm not catching everything. I'm going to share this...

  2. Wow--if I had known that you were going to summarize, I could have gone on vacation :)


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