Sunday, April 19, 2009

Year of Miracles #52

This post marks a full year of miracles--52 weeks of recognizing the hand of the Lord in my life. And this week's miracle is the blessing I have felt for completing the entire year. It is very easy to go through each day without seeing divine influence. But as I have applied myself and have tried to open my eyes a little wider I have more fully seen these blessings.

Here is one example: Today before church was a struggle. It was not terribly unusual, just one of those mornings we all dislike. Just this morning I found it a little harder to cope than usual. Several times I had to pray to get help biting my tongue and keeping my voice under control. I was not perfect, but I did feel some divine aid and was able to get through it all without causing any relationship damage. I was late to church and life was not perfect, but because my prayers were answered it was a lot better than it would have been otherwise.

So although I will no longer be posting about the miracles I have seen in my life, I still want to express gratitude for this series. I hope my readers have enjoyed it as much as I have. Next week I will try to start a new series!

Scripture of the Day: Mosiah 16:7-8


  1. I enjoyed this series very much and am looking forward to your next great idea!

  2. darn - no more miracles??? I was so enjoying reading about your miracles.

  3. I will miss the weekly postings. I look forward to them and the inspiration they bring.

  4. I think that it's definitely nice to look around for the miracles in our own life.


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