Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to School 2008

The kids are all gone and the house to so quiet it is either heavenly or strange. It will only be that way for three hours today, so I think I will say strange now, but heavenly after they are all home ;). Here is how our back to school day has gone so far:

Kitty was up and dressed (including shoes!) by 6 am. Guess she was a little excited for the new school year!

We started with a neighborhood back-to-school breakfast on our driveway. Thanks to all the neighbors who supported us! We had a good spread of everything from yogurt and bagels to fruit and a few powdered donuts.

Then at 8 am is was time for the kids to get off to their carpool to get to school. So Sweetie Peach and I stayed home to clean up the breakfast while the others headed off with their backpacks full of new pencils, pads of paper, and a lot more.

At noon it was time for Sweetie Peach to head off to half day kindergarten. She was very excited to attend her class, which it turns out is mostly girls (like 15 girls and only 5 boys... hmmm... are moms of boys more likely to put them in full day kindergarten? maybe...). Here is Sweetie Peach with her teacher and a soon to be new friend/classmate.

So here I sit in the quiet thinking I should get my work done, but would rather just bask in the solitude. I have wanted another baby for a long time, but maybe I will be converted to not have one by this new schedule.

Hope your day is going well!

Update: The peace and quiet only lasted about an hour and a half before I got a call from the school that Patch had thrown up all over himself while sitting at his desk. Poor guy! It may take a while to live that down.

Scripture of the Day: Exodus 20:12

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