Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fear of God

Just a quick reminder when reading scriptures about reverence that many of them say to "fear the Lord" or "fear God." Of course, what this really means is we should have respect for the Lord and for Heavenly Father. It means that our behavior should be such that we are acting in deference to His will and our thoughts should be grounded in belief and faith. Heavenly Father does not want us to be afraid of him; on the contrary He loves us and wants us to be willing to turn to Him in all things. These concepts need to be explained to kids when reading about "fear God" otherwise they may end up having negative feelings about Heavenly Father that are unwarranted.

Oh, and yesterday I saw this darling way to help teach younger children about how to act reverent. It reminded me of when my husband used a large stuffed monkey to teach reverence to the kids in nursery class. He made the monkey act irreverent and then asked the children to show him how to behave reverently. The kids adored it!

Scripture of the Day: (one of those "fear God" scriptures) Psalms 89:7

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