Saturday, August 16, 2008

Year of Miracles #17

I love it when I do something that (surprisingly) turns out to be an act of service that someone really needed--it doesn't happen all that often, but I like when it happens. That was the miracle that happened this week. I mentioned in an earlier post that we had a back-to-school breakfast bash on our driveway the first day of school. To be honest, I debated for about a week if I should do it. The first day of school can be hectic, and some people are not morning people like I am. But the Saturday before Kitty and Sweetie Peach were bored, so to keep them busy I had them decorate and deliver the invitations to the breakfast. As expected, many of those who were invited couldn't make it... but some showed up. And then Amazing Becky showed up and said how glad she was that we were having it because they had just returned home from a trip and she didn't have her fridge stocked yet. So, although I didn't anticipate the breakfast being an act of service, I was happy to learn it turned out that way. And that made it all the more worthwhile!

Scripture of the Day: Deuteronomy 10:12

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