Saturday, August 2, 2008

Year of Miracles #15

This week my miracle was a small coincidence. A month back I borrowed some extra strong antibacterial ointment from a friend and ward member {thanks Jen!}. I have been meaning to return it for a few weeks now, but haven't got around to doing so for a number of reasons--not the least of which might just be laziness :-). Well, today during family cleaning hour Kitty was assigned to clean the windows and mirrors. She dragged a chair to reach the outside part of the back door window, and in the process part of the foot of the chair came off. Think exposed nail. Of course in the process of getting on or off the chair she somehow stepped on it. I heard her crying and found a lot of blood coming out of the hole on her foot. Luckily the nail was quite clean from having been in the leg of the chair, and from Kitty's report it did not go in very far. We are guessing she most likely does not need a tetanus, but I was really grateful we still had the ointment on hand to put on it! Still, I will be returning the ointment today (now that I really no longer need it).

Scripture of the Day: Mark 12:6

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