Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How Corny Am I?

So last week my good friend Penny told me she had seen my book advertised in the Seagull Book & Tape flier (at 10% off no less). I couldn't resist! Today I went down there and had one of the clerks take my picture by it! I also asked for a copy of the flier to put in my journal. In all honesty they were so nice to me down there. When the manager found out I was the author she asked me to sign some of them and then put some stickers on the covers of the copies I signed to tell customers about the signatures. She also asked me all about putting the book together and how I got my ideas. I have to say that I had not been to Seagull for several years, but the store has really improved. They had more merchandise and lots of employees willing to help. So head on down to Seagull if you are near the temple and pick up a copy of my book or the CD--you will love it in there.

Scripture of the Day: Proverbs 3:9


  1. WWOOOOwho!

    Congratulations. I got my copy of your book yesterday and I LOVE IT! I will have to do a review after I get back from the road trip.

  2. So cool Becky! I hope our Seagull's has it so I can pick up a copy!

  3. How exciting for them to meet the author! I love Seagull book. Can't wait to get a copy.


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