Friday, August 29, 2008

Year of Miracles #19

I read the following entry on another blog this week and was touched. I hope you enjoy it too as this week's small miracle.

The Brown Thread Miracle

"My friend has a company with her sister that sells incredibly soft baby blankets, burpies and wipe cases. They have a booth at Swiss Days this weekend, were running out of time, and I had offered to help sew some of the burp rags, trading my time for a blanket that I said was for Ainsley, but have changed my mind. It’s mine, all mine.

"ANYHOW, Shelley brought over 25 more burp rags yesterday, and they needed to be done by 8 am this morning. The problem - they didn’t bring the matching thread to me with the fabric. I took the rags downstairs and got to work on the ones I could do with thread I had on hand, finishing 3 before my machine started acting up. Not good. I figured that mess out and kept sewing along, until I got to the point that I needed brown thread.

"I looked and looked on my messy sewing table, and found brown thread! But enough to do probably half of the project. I got the machine threaded up and said the same prayer at least 10 times as I stitched along “Heavenly Father, please make this brown thread last until I’m done with this project. Please. After all, it’s not for me, it’s for Shelley. And this is kind of like a service project anyway. Please, please make this brown thread last.”

"Do I think God cared much about that brown thread? Nope, just like I don’t think he cares if any of those pro athletes make their free throws or touchdowns. But I know he cared about me and I know He knew Shelley was stressed, so this was an ok prayer, I decided.

"You know what? The brown thread lasted just long enough to finish the job. I could probably sew out one more burp rag, even. And my 8 am deadline this morning? They were at her house at 6 last night."

Scripture of the Day: D&C 109:21

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