Friday, October 3, 2008

72-Hour Kit Time

For the past three years I have let October General Conference serve as my reminder to rotate my 72-hour kits. So today was my big day. I have three kits made and will add a fourth this year, but I only rotate my stuff every other year. I figure there is enough preservatives in all that junk food to make it at least 18 months... and if it is really stale by the time I rotate it, then my kids (or I) will not want to eat so much of it when it should really just be thrown away. (They usually eat a lot of it, though.)

So I headed off to Wal-Mart with my list in hand. First I found the clearance isle for backpacks to make a new kit. This is really the best time to buy backpacks--all on clearance, left over from the big back-to-school sales. I found a nice one for $10. In previous years they were marked down to $8, but I am guessing the economy has taken its toll. Too bad they didn't have this Chewbaca (sp?) pack-pack I saw online! My DH and kids would have loved that in an emergency!

Next I headed over to the food isles, where I made sure to buy duplicates of everything needed on the list:

Peanut butter crackers
Cheese crackers
Granola bar
Tuna lunch kit
Fruit snacks
Beef jerky
3 Chef Boyardee microwaveable meals
2 Chicken noodle soup
Fruit cup
Applesauce cup
Snickers marathon bar
Protein bar
2 juice boxes

They did not have the Altoids at Wal-Mart, so I had to substitute with another brand. But otherwise it was a quick haul, totaling about $44 for the food and new backpack.

Next I was off to home where everything was sorted into the old backpack and the new backpack. And this year I added luggage tags to each backpack with the phrase "odd year" and "even year" on them so I would remember which ones to rotate (yes, I am getting old).

It feels good to get this annual ritual taken care of and off my mind. I feel good knowing I am a little bit more prepared for an emergency and I have heeded the words of the prophets. No guilt feelings during conference!

Scripture of the Day: Exodus 23:15-16


  1. I've been making this same realization as Conference weekend approaches. Love the idea of the luggage tags. I'm going to have to add that this year.

    Thanks for the ideas!

    I also love the Chewbacca backpack. What a bummer not to have him with you in an emergency. Could double as a pillow and a stuffed animal. Good ol' Chewy! I think our family would fight over who gets him. I'm betting I'd win *evil grin*.

  2. Thanks for the reminder! I always say I'm going to do this at conference time and I always tend to forget. I'm digging them out tonight to rotate out the (I'm sure) rock hard granola bars!

  3. I love this idea. last year in October the fires rolled through our neighborhood. After having to literally use them - I learned that I would encourage more chocolate, and a bar of soap. . . and a map of your town. The soap was like manna from heaven when we finally give a bar at Qualcom stadium.

  4. Thanks for the reminder, I had totally forgotten about this. We made some up at conference time about 2 years ago. I guess it's time to update them :)

  5. Marc was hoping you really found this, he is in love with star wars! Maybe I will have to track one down so he can have it but our kids can use it one day!

  6. Great reminder! I find all my replacement items at Wal-Mart too. It is so inexpensive. I waited about 2 1/2 years between replacing one time and all the food was soooo nasty. I wouldn't have wanted to eat that food even in an emergency.


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