Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Trip to the Carousel

To celebrate Sweetie Peach's last day off of school we took a trip to the carousel at the mall. She and her friend Julie had such fun. Sweetie Peach chose to ride on the gorilla (paternal influence showing here), so Julie obliged by hoping on the Zebra nearby.

Sweetie Peach often poses for the camera and then looks away {naughty girl!}.

Julie has the Next Top Model thing going!

Best of friends

We ended a trip with a cookie from Paradise Bakery. YUM! Sweetie Peach chose ginger snap/molasses while Julie chose chocolate chip. Of course we bought two extra cookies to take home for Kitty and Patch to eat after school.

Scripture of the Day: Matt. 9:37-38


  1. What a fun day. My kids love going to the carousel as well. I don't remember the gorilla though.

  2. Looks fun! What cute pictures :)


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