Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Reading the Book of Mormon

Okay, this is a way cool scripture tip. What would it be like to read the Book of Mormon from an original first addition? Amazing, right? I think it would be. Well, now you practically can. On the website inephi.com there are full color photographic images of every page in the first edition of the Book of Mormon for you to read and browse and be inspired by. I took time today to read the title page and the few pages that follow it--and was just so uplifted.

There are two ways to study with this handy site:

1. You can read by page number. This works if you just want to read from beginning to end.


2. You can read by chapter/verse citation as familiar to us in the current edition of the Book of Mormon. Just pop in the citation and there is a search/find tool that will take you right to what you want to read.

I guess the only thing that would be cooler than this would be to read the Book of Mormon from the original gold plates. But I am guessing that will not happen in my lifetime!

Scripture of the Day: Levit. 19:9

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  1. Okay both my husband and I agree that this is THE coolest way to read the Book of Mormon !


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