Sunday, October 12, 2008

Educating Zion

One of my very favorite speakers is Jeffrey R. Holland. He was the president of BYU during my undergraduate years. Then, on my mission, he was in the area presidency for the Europe North Area where I had the pleasure of hearing him speak in person several times. Now I usually just relish hearing his talks in General Conference. Today, though, I read a talk he gave on education Zion and thought I would share a favorite part. I felt it put into perspective efforts I am making to help my family study the scriptures, learn, and grow. I hope you enjoy it as well. You can find the entire text of President Holland's speech here.

Brigham Young's metaphor for life was the academy, and the principal schoolmaster was his beloved Joseph Smith. Of Joseph he said, "He took heaven, figuratively speaking, and brought it down to earth; and he took the earth, brought it up, and opened up, in plainness and simplicity, the things of God; and that is the beauty of his mission."15 How plain was that view of life? How simple? To Brigham Young, quite simple. "What are we here for?" Brigham asks, then answers, "To learn to enjoy more, and to increase in knowledge and in experience."16 "The object of this existence is to learn," he taught.
How gladly would we understand every principle pertaining to science and art, and become thoroughly acquainted with every intricate operation of nature. . . . What a boundless field of truth and power is open for us to explore! We are only just approaching the shores of the vast ocean of information that pertains to this . . . world, to say nothing of that which pertains to the heavens.17
Hugh Nibley says, "The treasures of the earth are merely to provide us with room and board while we are here at school."18 And Brigham Young, speaking of property and possessions, said, "They are made for the comfort of the creature, and not for his adoration. They are made to sustain and preserve the body while procuring the knowledge and wisdom that pertain to God and his kingdom, in order that we may preserve ourselves, and live for ever in his presence."19 "And when we have lived millions of years in the presence of God and angels, . . . shall we then cease learning? No, or eternity ceases."20

("A School in Zion;" 1988 BYU Devotional address)

Scripture of the Day: D&C 56:16

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  1. This totally reminds me of Moses 6:62-63 (i think, I'm too lazy to look it up) where it says that all the world around us is meant to testify of and teach us about Christ.

    And Holland has always been one of my favorites, too!


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