Saturday, October 18, 2008


Today I did something I should have done a year ago: I mended my temple dress. Yes, an entire year ago the zipper broke on my temple dress. Unfortunately the breakage was at the lower end of the zipper, which rendered the dress too immodest to wear. The day it happened I was fortunate enough to have change in my purse sufficient to rent a dress to use, so I did not miss out on attending the session. And since I had had the dress for more than 10 years I thought maybe it was time to buy a new dress {yea for legitimate reasons to go shopping!}.

So I looked online and at a few stores, but either the price or the style was never quite right. Buying a temple dress is a big commitment for me--kind of like buying a wedding dress that you have to wear over and over and over again for the next 20 years of your life {unless the zipper breaks, that is}.

And every time I went to the temple I had to make sure I had enough spare cash to rent (did you know it costs $1.75? seriously). It was so inconvenient. But month after month went by and I did not take action. It was a downward spiral that just wouldn't end. Then the economy went south for the winter (and probably next spring and summer, too) and I decided to give up my notion of finding the perfect new temple dress and just to mend the old one. Just not right then....

Meanwhile... this entire time of inaction I kept the dress in my temple bag. I am not sure why. But two months ago I went to attend the temple and realized after I got there and rented a dress that I had forgotten to wear a slip. Panic set in momentarily--then I had the idea to wear my zipper-broken-dress underneath the rented dress. Genius! I was more modest than Catholic nun. Too bad it was July and hot as ________ (think of a word that is an antonym for the temple). Let's just say I would not recommend wearing two dresses at one time to the temple. Take my word for it. But this experience made me realize I HAD to DO something. And soon. Just not right then....

Finally today I got out my dress, removed the zipper completely and got it mended. It looked great. So proud of myself considering my limited sewing capabilities. And it was finished just in time to make the 1:30 session.

But as I was putting my newly-mended dress on in the temple dressing room I got lipstick on the collar. I will be sure to get that washed out soon. Just not right now....


  1. wow, I'm just impressed you were wearing lipstick. :) So funny. I'm one of those cold-blooded people who asks to borrow those on-loan shalls knitted by Sister Bertha someone even in the middle of July, so that 2-dress trick might work for me. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Hi, I 'meandered over' from Ondria's blog, she is my niece. I love your blog and hope it is ok to visit often! The best is the genealogy Fan Chart and the scriptures. Thanks for a very lovely 'Sunday read'!


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