Thursday, October 2, 2008

Police Beat #9

Time for another Police Beat, rounding up those dangerous criminals on BYU's campus:

On March 5, between 12:45 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. a strange letter was received by the KBYU Media Center. The letter had a lump in it, so the recipient put the letter in the microwave hoping to neutralize the substance if it was Anthrax. The letter started on fire and by the time the recipient could put out the flames, the only readable part of the letter was the return address. The return address read, “Shadows of things to come.” Police are unsure about the substance contained in the letter.

On Jan. 22 in the WSC Memorial lounge, a suspicious male was reported. The victim was sleeping on a sofa between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. when a male student woke her up and asked to borrow her newspaper. After giving it to him, she fell back asleep. A short time later she awoke to find the same male stoking her hair. She told him to stop and again fell back asleep. The third time she awoke, the male was stoking her hair again. She quickly left and reported the incident.

On Jan. 22, at 3:57 p.m., a man was reported leaving the bookstore carrying a gun. When the officer located the male they found he was carrying a chrome, toy pistol. When the officer asked the 22-year-old male student why he was carrying the gun, he said his roommate told him it would get chicks. The officers cautioned the male on carrying or simulating a weapon before he was released.

Friday, Feb. 27, Police received a report of an assault in U-Hall of Deseret Towers. Two students were involved in a fight over the control panel to a Nintendo game. One of the individuals involved was issued a citation for assault and referred to the Honor Code Office.

A student found a five-dollar bill in a snack room of the Smoot Administration Building. The student turned it into the police on Tuesday. After 60 days, if no one claims the money, it will be awarded to the student who turned it in.

Scripture of the Day: Lev. 23:10-11


  1. I found you on LRS-and I love your scripture stuff. Even more, I LOVE YOU FOR PUBLISHING THE POLICE BEAT! Please never leave Provo, because I didn't realize just how much I missed PB. Oh, thank you!

  2. Now that I read about the missing 5 dollars, I *remember* loosing it in the Smoot building. I wonder how many people lined up to claim their lost money.


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