Monday, October 13, 2008

Halloween Parties

Over the weekend we were invited to an adult only Halloween party. I am excited to go and trying to figure out what costumes to put together. My husband said that since he has to chop down a tree in our backyard we could just use the branches and go as trees. {audible gag} I told him he could go as a tree and I would go as either Isaac Newton (think apples) or George Washington (think cherries). Or anything else--just not a tree. Can you imagine how uncomfortable it would be going as a tree? Anyone have a good costume idea out there for us? Please comment if you do.

Anyway, the invitations to the party were really well done. I am talking Martha quality. They were made by the super talented Mimi Right. Here's a poor quality picture of them--lack of quality due to my photo skills and camera flash. For a much better photo of it, check out this blog post.

If you are interested in throwing your own shin dig for Halloween, there are these darling invitations available for FREE on the Internet. Go here for the download. Note how these invitations go along perfectly with this month's pumpkin/Halloween/harvest theme :-). (Thanks to Pikes Pickles for the tip).

Scripture of the Day: Revelations 14:15


  1. We are trying to figure it out ourselves, but one of you could be a dog and the other a dog catcher, or, one could be a lion and the other a lion tamer, ketchup and mustard, salt and pepper! Those are ones I thought of that Marc shot down for our party. I hope you think of something!

  2. I thought of another fun one that I think I could talk Marc into, you guys could have fun with it too I am sure! You can be Little Red Riding Hood and Steve can be the Big Bad Wolf!

  3. So I promise I will stop, I keep thinking of things because I am trying to think of what we should do! Peter Pan and Wendy, Robin Hood and Maid Marion, you could wrap yourselves in foil and have signs that say "reheat" and be leftovers. You could get clear garbage bags and fill them with small colored balloons and be bags of jelly beans. Adam and eve, modestly of course, Fred and Wilma Flintstone, a football player and a cheerleader, Jane and George Jetson, and Popeye Olive Oyl, Hansel and Gretel, Pligrims, George and Martha Washington, I really could go on, but I promise I will stop now!


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