Monday, October 27, 2008

Christmas Cards and More

Last week while on a weekday shopping trip to grocery store I saw the Christmas cards were on display. I almost wrote "on display already," but really it is not unusual to see the Christmas stuff out this late in October. I like to look at the cards, so I stopped to enjoy. While doing so I realized I have some pretty set ideas about what I like in a Christmas card. Here are my criteria for Christmas Cards:

1. I prefer a folk art look overall. This is not absolute--in fact my favorite card I have ever bought in my whole life was not folk art style. But generally folk art is what I prefer.

2. There must be an actual reference to Christmas or the birth of the Savior--I prefer not to buy ones that say something generic about the holiday season.

3. Cheap--the cheaper the better. Since I usually also send a newsletter and a real photo to extended family members, I hate to spend all of my budgeted card money on the cards alone. I also send a good 20 cards out to co-workers and clients, so my list is kind of long and postage gets pretty expensive.

So after perusing the variety there I chose some and threw them in my cart. Here is the card I chose:
Cute, huh? I love the Santa--his bag is darling and I love the little tree he is holding.

So am I the only one who has such strict ideas about Christmas cards? What do you prefer? Or do you not really care?

In addition to buying my cards this past week, I also set an appointment with OneHM for our family pic to be taken for Christmas. She is such a great photographer and has totally reasonable prices! We are all good to go for a photo shoot on Veteran's Day, which my husband has off of work as he is a government bureaucrat. In fact, OneHM is having a giveaway on her blog in relation to appointments for family shoots for Christmas. If you need some pics taken too, be sure to mention I referred you so I can get $10 off!

And speaking of giveaways, there is one for an adorable personalized family crest on Lovely Yellow Ribbons. It looks super cute and would make a fun Christmas gift. Check it out!

But don't forget to leave me some feedback about the cards criteria. I am wondering if I am just corny or crazy or completely normal...

Scripture of the Day: D&C 6:33


  1. If that your criteria ...Looks like this card is perfect! I'll be looking for it in the mail.

  2. Hi my name is Annetta. I found your blog on the mormonmommyblog site. I love your critria for card. I have one but there isn't a list besides that is does have to mention the real reason for the season. Most of the time I can't find the right one in the stores so I have to make my own and I also send pictures to family and friends with a Family newsletter we create as a family. I live in Florida, where do you live and where is OneHM located? I need phots done for Christmas as well.

  3. Those are really cute cards. I like to look at them, but never buy them; don't send any out. I'm kinda a scrooge.

  4. :) Thanks for the shout out!!
    Hope that you win!

  5. My criteria is that it has to be Jesus themed. I like it to have a scripture, or some sort of religious saying. I really want to remind myself as much as possible what the season is really about.

  6. I always say I am not going to do cards, and then I am always rushing around on December 20th trying to get pics taken and cards mailed out.

    It's terrible! This year I'm REALLY not doing it!

  7. I obviously like wreaths. A couple of years ago I organized all the previous year's cards sent into a book and for four years running there was some kind of a wreath on the front! Two of them were nearly identical. I have a style and I didn't even know it.

  8. My criteria:
    -artwork that invokes the magic of the season.
    For me it isn't as important to have a religious message on the card itself because I can always insert that in our newsletter/message.


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