Monday, March 9, 2009


Today marks 13 years of marriage with my hubby. Here are 13 things I appreciate about him {in no particular order}:

1. He does laundry and irons his own clothes

2. He takes care of his mom's household needs

3. He makes up hilarious stories for our kids at bedtime

4. He is building the kids a tree house

5. He is a hard worker

6. He is great at fixing things--even broken garage door springs

7. He makes brownies in the night after I go to sleep so he isn't tempting me

8. He is very cautious with money

9. He makes very yummy lemon BBQ chicken

10. He has served willingly/happily in the nursery for over 6 years

11. He has an off-beat sense of humor

12. He does his home teaching every month

13. He does a great job of taking care of our home and kids

Scripture of the Day: Revelations 21:22


  1. ♥Happy Anniversary!♥
    What an AWESOME Hubby!

  2. What a great tribute!

    I've got one who can fix almost anything too. I didn't realize I lucky that made me until a friend of mine was asking him to help because her husband couldn't fix something really simple.

  3. Happy Anniversary! I don't even remember anything about our 13th anniversary. Oh, wait, that would be because it happened in our darkest year ever (except that I went to England that year--that was a life-time highlight. Funny how life can be)

  4. Sounds to me like 13 is your lucky number. Happy Anniversary. :)

  5. Congrats on your anniversary! 13 years is quite an achievement.

  6. Six years in the nursery? I think you married a saint! Congrats on catching him and 13 years of being married! And I promise, it just keeps getting better!

  7. I can't believe it has already been 13 years, but I was pretty young, and a lot has happened since then! Congrats! Do something fun!

  8. Wow, 13 years--no wedding pics to laugh at? Or maybe it hasn't been long enough yet? Congrats!! I was honored to be at the wedding and glad that we are close by again!!

  9. Happy Anniversary!

    Love your 13 thing that you shared.


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