Sunday, March 8, 2009

Year of Miracles #46

A few weeks ago I read about this miracle from my nephew (currently serving his mission in Madagascar) and thought I would share. I hope you enjoy both the miracle and the message.

"There is this one member in our area that is super diligent. He gave us this referral for his aunt (Neny). She just lost her leg to diabetes and so has felt the need for religion. She used to sell things in the market but because of her leg she can't work anymore. We have been teaching her for a while but she hasn't been able to come to church because of missing a leg. This last Thursday we had a really good time with her. We taught her about faith and how if we have faith we can do anything. We then asked her if she was going to come to church. She told us she would try but because of her missing leg she couldn't make the money to pay for the bus. We asked her if there was any work that she could look for and again she told us that it was impossible because of her leg. It kind of left us in a bad spot because we couldn't pay it for her and her relatives couldn't afford it either. Then we told her that if she would try as hard as she could to find the money before and have faith that there would be a way prepared for her. She tried throughout the week but didn't see any money. Despite that she and her granddaughter got ready for Sunday. They got dressed up and met the member at the bus stop not knowing ow to get there. All the buses were full and they thought they were going to have to walk. Just as they were about to go a neighbor of theirs who was passing by in a taxi offered to take them right next to the church since he was going there anyway. They made it to church and we were so excited. My companion Elder Rossiter carried her up the four stories to the sacrament room. It was so amazing to see her act on her faith and to see how the Lord will bless us if we try.

"To add onto that there is an inactive who is also missing a leg that we have been teaching recently. The past two weeks he has been at church despite the distance and the hardships. He even gets himself up the four stories. They are real faith builders. It is interesting to me to see how Neny had to look hard first and then put her trust in the Lord even though see couldn't see at the time how the Lord would answer their prayer. We too have to act on our faith first doing all that we can and even if it doesn't seem like there is a way to continue and the Lord will prepare a path for us."

Scripture of the Day: Ezekiel 6:2-3


  1. perfect message; thanks. I'm glad I got on the computer today before church instead of after. I often have to get my kids off to church by myself with no car...but we only live a few blocks away. I admit I've been pretty whiny about it this winter, but today I'll definitely think about this story instead!!

  2. This is such an inspiring story and esp. appropriate today what with the time change and all (getting up an hour earlier for 9 am sacrament meeting feels pretty awful, though!)

  3. What a great example of faith. Thanks for sharing it with me.

  4. I love that story. It is one we can apply to so many different facets of our own lives. And what a sweet missionary experience for your nephew


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