Friday, March 27, 2009

Police Beat #34

Happy Friday All!

March 21: A female student reported her bumper sticker missing from her vehicle parked in lot 2 that read “Pro Family, Pro Obama.”

(Comment: Likely it was confiscated as false advertising after Obama signed that abortion funding bill.)

March 21: A man drinking a bottle of rum in the Harris Fine Arts Center was not found by Police.

(Comment: Also not found in the HFAC: pink elephants bouncing on pogo sticks.)

March 19: Police found a crashed BYU grounds truck at the NCWA track. The stolen truck was crashed into a retaining wall after a suspected joy ride.

(Comment: Joyful for who? Crash test dummies?)

March 19: A white male wearing only blue and yellow spandex shorts was reported running into cars to scare the occupants on Heritage Drive at 11 p.m. He was gone when police arrived.

(Comment: He didn't have to run into cars to scare people; the spandex shorts were definitely scary enough.)

March 21: Graffiti that read “S and N” was written across the BYU logo at the entrance to the soccer field.

(Comment: Those soccer fans are definitely true romantics at heart.)

March 21: The body of the cougar statue at LaVell Edwards Stadium was found sprayed with the phrase “Rent Me” in shaving cream. The eyes were filled with the cream, too.

(Comment: It must have looked like a cougar in sheep's clothing. Just the ideal party decoration to rent for your Easter festivities!)

Scripture of the Day: Isaiah 18:3


  1. Your commentary is almost funnier than the reports themselves! Love these.

  2. Happy Friday to you too :) ♥ Hugs!

  3. I heartily agree about the shorts--scaaarry!

  4. Ah, Ilove Fridays! Your Police Beat kills me!!!

  5. My favorite part of Friday! I love this post--especially your comments.


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