Friday, March 6, 2009

Police Beat #31

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March 2: A female student reported that her car, parked near Helaman Halls, had been picked up and moved into two parking stalls.

(Comment: Freshmen! Really she was just too embarrassed to admit she just got her license and she's still lousy at parking.)

Feb. 26: Police received a call from a resident of Taylor Hall who had been approached by a freelance member of the media. The man was filming student responses to questions about the LDS faith and wanted to put the film on MTV. The man said he was unaware of campus filming restrictions and left

(Comment: Michael Moore is always pulling stunts like that!)

March 2: A female student reported magazine solicitors knocked on her door at Wyview Park on Feb. 18 and told her they were trying to earn points to go on a cruise. The men said that if she wrote a check for a magazine subscription, they would get the points and she could cancel the check the next day. The female wrote a check for $213 to “Face to Face Technologies.” She called to cancel the check the next day, but found the check had already been cashed.

(Comment: That $213 will be great souvenir money on that cruise.)

Feb. 27: An elderly man was walking with two Chihuahuas when one of them got loose and began running around the Talmage Building. Police were unable to find the dog.

(Comment: Poor dog! Click here for a picture of the missing dog. Seriously.)

Feb. 25: A Wymount Terrace resident called police to report that two men were behind building 12C. The caller thought the men might be homeless. Police responded and found the men were grounds employees.

(Comment: Those grounds workers need to dress more professionally so those Wymount residents don't confuse them with homeless people. Suits and ties ought to do the trick.)

Scripture of the Day: John 8:2


  1. How I miss Police Beat, it was/is my favorite part of the daily universe. Thanks for sharing them here!

  2. The dog pic. Seriously--bwaahhaaahhaaa!

  3. I have been laughing at that dog picture all morning. Sometimes I just crack myself up!

  4. Oh man! I miss the Daily Herald so much!! Too funny!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    That Book of Mormon video is great! I wish I could see a movie that well made of some of those stories! (Daniel Day Lewis back in his cute days is just a plus!)

    Anyway- hope you have a great weekend. I am going now to read your scripture of the day!

  6. I love reading these. My favorite was the last one about the ground keepers. Sorry about the Chihuahua.


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