Saturday, March 7, 2009

DIY #1

A week or so ago I hosted some friends over for an evening soiree. A day or so before I started thinking of all the little things I wished I had time to do before the get-together. But of course with all the general life happenings and party preparation, I only had time to care care of one or two of them. What was most annoying was that a number of them were quick, inexpensive and easy items to do (when not preparing for an event, that is).

Afterward I sat down and wrote a list of ten more little DIY projects I needed to get done. And I have committed to myself to get busy. Now that 99% of my new book has been sent off to the publisher I have more time to think about such projects.

Today was project #1: The back door curtain

The problem with this project was that there is an auto-close feature on the top of the door that makes it so the curtain rod has to be hung slightly crooked. That bothered me. For a long time {4+ years} I had pillow cases tacked up with thumb tacks (sorry for the lack of a before picture). Something had to be there because the window caused a glare on the TV screen. But what to do about the curtain rod???

Finally, I decided I could live with it slightly crooked, but was unable to find the right size sheer to fit the window. According to the JC Penney window treatment specialist they do not make sheers for the half window door {what's up with that?}. So today I spent 45 minutes shortening an extra sheer I already had in my linen closet and then had Steve put up the hardware for it.

Total project cost was approximately $5.

Total project time was about 1 hour.

Scripture of the Day: Isaiah 2:2-3


  1. That looks great. You have always been so creative and good with projects like that.

  2. Awesome...I don't think you can even tell it's crooked. I love it when you get that sudden burst of drive to finish up projects. (and I love the word soiree)

  3. I think you did a good job with this. I have made some thing like this before and know how tricky it can be.

  4. I just adore those kinds of projects---the kind that the benefit and satisfaction way outweight the trifling cost and time spent. Way to go!


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