Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm dreaming of a white...

This cool picture of the Mesa, Arizona Temple was taken by my husband's grandfather, Grant William Magleby. It was taken in the 1920s at some point--My MIL (photographer's daughter) is not exactly sure when. The Mesa temple was not finished until 1927, so likely that year or shortly thereafter (Note: I later learned, according to a local weatherman, the date of this snow was January 21, 1937). She also has a picture of her mother holding a big snowball in front of the temple from the same photo shoot.

Go here to download this picture from as wallpaper for your computer.

Scripture of the Day: 2 Ne. 12:2-3


  1. Does it snow in Mesa? I guess that's the point, huh? How neat!

  2. The snow doesn't sound so great right now but I am sure if you ask me in September I will be begging for it :)

  3. What a cool picture! (pun not intended) I have only seen snow on the ground three times in the 25 years we have lived here--and never that much!

  4. So cool! That is a very unique picture. It would be hard to take another one like it. I don't remember ever seeing snow on the ground like that here in the valley.

  5. its so funny that I stumbled upon this image today. I was just flipping through a Mesa history book today and they mentioned that the snow stuck around for almost a week and that the local stores nearly ran out of film as I am sure everyone in town wanted to take pictures of "snow in Mesa"


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