Sunday, March 1, 2009

Year of Miracles #45

Today at church our talented Sunday School teacher, Brother Lehman, shared this miracle that happened to him yesterday. He told how a few days ago he went to put on his glasses but when he found them one of the lenses had fallen out. Upon closer inspection, Brother Lehman found a screw had come out and the lense would not stay in place without it. He decided to hunt for his back-up pair of glasses to use in the meantime. So he went into his closet to look on the shelves where he thought they would be. After hunting for some time, though, he came up empty handed. He changed his mind, drove to the optician's office and had the screw replaced in the glasses.

Then yesterday Brother Lehman and his wife were doing yard work (pruning trees and bushes). They trimmed a bunch of branches and then took them down the street where a large dumpster was placed for neighbors to use. Brother Lehman began throwing in the branches. After a while a neighbor came out and jokingly noticed Brother Lehman did not have on his glasses. This surprised Brother Lehman and he realized in his effort to get the branches in the dumpster somehow the glasses must have been tossed in too.

Although Brother and Sister Lehman climbed into the dumpster and searched (and prayed even for help) they could not find the glasses. They headed home where Brother Lehman prayed about it more. He was worried about not having the glasses and not knowing where his back-up pair were. He still had his Sunday School lesson to prepare, and without the glasses he could not read.

Soon he had a prompting to go look in a box in his closet. So he went back into the closet, opened the box, and pulled out the spare glasses. The Lord had heard his prayer and helped him to find what he had previously had been unable to find on his own.

Scripture of the Day: Mosiah 2:1


  1. I wear contacts now but when I wore glasses (and lost them) I found them through the use of prayer as well. They were even in a spot I had looked already!

  2. I love your miracle stories. They are always fun to read. Which reminds me . . . I read your comment on Heidi's blog about how you blog and that you sometimes find yourself, in talking to others, saying, "I read on____ blog today" . . .I can understand why that wouldn't always be a good thing. After all it is better to live life than just read about it, however . . .

    The first blog I ever read was yours (being a seminary teacher "scripture mom" was intriguing,) and the first story I read was about the agate in the temple. I loved that story and have shared it many times, as well as have pointed it out in the temple when I have been there. I also still laugh over your daughter and her request for a list of bad words. I have enjoyed many other posts as well, so my point is that I know I have to budget my time and only allow so much to reading people's blogs, but when I do read, I am so often inspired by what people write that I am grateful for it and feel they have enriched my life. So I guess it is all about balance, but having said that, thanks for writing. :-)

  3. That is so amazing! i love these stories

  4. I'm going to try really hard to read your scripture of the day, on the day!!

    So here i go...

    I read it and thought I need I looked up the scripture references. I haven't done this much...again I'm going to try!

    I love the new scripture that i probably wouldn't have read, 2 chr 34:30. "Read in their ears all the words of the book of the covenant that was found in the house of the Lord." Wow I can just see that scripture. I've been there, done that!
    Do you think this would be like all these people going through a temple session? With King Benjamin?


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