Monday, March 2, 2009

Dear Summer,

Your warm and inviting sunshine and breezes brought back many fond memories these past few days. Friday was so lovely and I was grateful for your lingering warmth of the day so my guests could lounge on the back patio, admire your sunset, and chat lingeringly as the evening wore on. Then Saturday I reveled in the sunny day you sent for the school carnival. There was a nice breeze and the brightness of the day matched the exciting atmosphere of the event. And the walk I took to choir practice on Sunday afternoon was truly a lovely experience.

But, my dear friend Summer, I have to admit I was grateful that the hour I spent volunteering at the carnival rock wall was time spent sheltered in the shade. As I pulled on and let out the rope for each mini-climber, your bright rays may have caused more skin damage than I would have cared to receive. My loving dermatologist, Dr. Brown, would not want me returning to him again--head hung in shame--with another of those cancerous spots on my arm.

Additionally, dear Summer, have you noticed the terrible congestion and sneezing my dear husband has suffered since your arrival? He was barely able to get to sleep last night with all the allergy symptoms he was experiencing. I do not wish to cause you guilt or pain, but I have to admit that his suffering is certainly the result of your temperate rays coaxing pollen out of the trees, flowers, and grasses of this little corner of the world.

So, my friend Summer, although I have very much enjoyed your unexpected visit, I must ask you to return to your normal dates as soon as possible. My chum Spring had just arrived when you came on the scene. I have so much catching up to do with her before my six-month long visit with you is truly scheduled to begin. I promise to write you whilst you hasten back to your normal months of heated laziness. And when you arrive in all your true glory I promise to welcome you with open arms (and a trip or two to higher altitudes).

Your loving friend, Scripture Mom

Scripture of the Day: John 2:14-15


  1. Poor Mother Nature--she probably doesn't know how to make us humans happy!

  2. Amen!!!! And can you believe there are people are over the US stuck in snow storms? Hard to believe with it being 85 degrees outside.

  3. BIG SMILE for this one Scripture Mom! :) Thanks for the very well articulated post on the return of warm temps.


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