Sunday, March 15, 2009

Year of Miracles #47

Friday was stake temple day and we were asked to try and participate as much as possible. I really wanted to go, but was not sure how to work it into the day. I needed to go weigh-in in the morning, then I had two Art Masterpiece lessons to teach in the early afternoon (with an hour between them). I did not want to go in the evening because I knew it would be busy; besides, my mom was going to be stopping by my house about dinner time.

I decided the only window of time I had was right after the kids got out of school. If I could hit the 3:30 p.m. session I could be home before dinner. But it was tricky--I had to run the afternoon carpool and school did not end until 3:00. So I got all ready for the mad dash and had my temple bag in the van. It is all a blur now, but somehow I got the kids all dropped off, made it down to the temple, got changed, and made it to the 3:30 session. I thought afterward that it was definitely a miracle that I made it there and it worked out.

Scripture of the Day: Luke 24:53


  1. I love it when things fall into place like that. I just wanted you to know I appreciate your blog. I read it all the time - but have not ever commented. I love your Year of Miracles because it reminds me of the simple every day blessings that are everywhere.

  2. How nice that you live so close! I look back on the 15 months we lived in Littleton Co with the temple ten minutes away and the fact that we went only twice (it was a super hairy time period for us--one of the nights we went was the day Columbine happened . . .) Now I would most definitely take better advantage of that! Still, it's amazing how much every day life squeezes out those things that aren't on fire (like car pool)

  3. It is funny how we let the demands of ourlives keep us from the temple at times when in reality it should be our priority. Your experience is proof we can do both though--and that faith with works will be rewarded. Thanks for sharing.

  4. what a blessing that you able to go and enjoy the blessings of the temple.


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