Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Listening to the Scriptures

Sometimes while doing housework, working on easy computer stuff, or just because, I will listen to the scriptures on the Internet. I also know of others who have downloaded the scriptures onto their iPod or MP3 player. Still another way to listen is to use CDs available at church bookstores. Regardless of which way you choose, listening to scriptures has its benefits for family scripture study:
  1. Listening helps family members hear proper pronunciation of names, places, and other challenging words or phrases.
  2. Listening helps family members move through the scriptures somewhat faster, thereby gaining a better grasp of the overall story lines.
  3. Listening helps to eliminate contention or frustration of family members (that whole taking turns process can cause a lot of parental grief!).
  4. Listening can help families keep on track if they are trying to meet a deadline with their reading (like during a summer challenge).
  5. Listening allows families to multi-task (i.e., eat breakfast simultaneously).
Please note that I do not recommend using listening to the scriptures as a long-term study strategy. Little --and big-- minds are too apt to wander. But I highly espouse varying scripture study strategies every so often to help keep up family interest. Using the aforementioned listening resources as one of these strategies, especially if family members follow along in their own scriptures, can be great.

To listen to the scriptures off the Internet without downloading, go here and click on chapter headings. If you would like to download the scriptures for free from lds.org, go here and click on the compressed files shown. And you can purchase the scriptures on CD-rom from the Church Distribution Services at this site.

Scripture of the Day: D&C 127:4


  1. I love this ides. We are getting through the book of Mormon as a family slowly. I'm glad they are so willing to pull out scriptures, but this is something that might be good for car rides too.

  2. Great idea! I will have to remember this when I get an mp3 or ipod.


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