Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break Craziness

Spring break has started and the craziness came with it. Sweetie Peach is having a bad allergic reaction to something--what exactly we do not know. But she has a rash all over and her face is quite swollen. She also has a high temperature. At first I thought maybe it was chicken pox. So I got her to the doctor this morning and they called in several other doctors to get three opinions on her condition. Their conclusion was the allergic reaction, which in a way is a relief because of the contagiousness. I will run to the store here shortly to get two prescriptions filled for her. (Have to blog about it all first, ya know :-).

Besides that craziness, today is my DH's birthday and we have some family coming over for cake and ice cream tonight. Which means a lot of cleaning has to take place today. And i have not bought him even one gift yet. Not that he ever wants anything much, but I don't want him to feel totally neglected. Maybe while I am getting the prescriptions I can pick him up something.

Anyway, I hope your spring break is going well. Or if you are not on break yet that you are enjoying some spring break-like weather.

Scripture of the Day: Alma 7:21


  1. I hope your daughter feels better soon. That's the worst!

  2. Sounds like a busy day! Hope your husand has a great b-day.

  3. yep the best place to buy husband present..the pharmacy. lol!
    hope all goes smoothly and sweetie peach feels better.

  4. Sounds like you guys are very busy! Tell Steven happy birthday from us! Poor sweetie peach! I hope she gets better! Amberly used to get like that after playing in the grass, fever and everything, maybe that's what it is? Good luck!

  5. We're on break next week. Hope your girl feels well in time to enjoy her vacation. Have a good b-day celebration tonight.

  6. Yikes! Hope the rest of the break is fun and relaxing!

  7. Aaahhh Spring break. Just a prelude to summer, you know. :-) Hope your daughter is feeling better soon and happy birthday to your husband.

  8. Wish it was spring break!
    Hope your daughter gets well soon. Wishing your DH a Happy Birthday!

  9. Hope you figure out what caused the reaction so your daughter can avoid it. How miserable she must be for break--poor thing!
    Also, my mom used to make that exact chocolate cake and it is delicious. Looks like a great birthday gift he made for himself.
    (p.s. thanks for stopping by my blog and taking time to comment. I know it was last week sometime, but I'm a little slow.) :)


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