Thursday, March 5, 2009

We Believe...

Patch is 11 and working on getting the last of his Articles of Faith memorized so he can wrap up his Faith in God requirements. He has passed off about five of them (the easy ones, of course), so we have added the remaining ones to our morning family scripture study to help his memorization process move along.

I have made word strips of each Article of Faith, which I have posted in our kitchen (just one A of F at a time, same one all week long). We have been reading out loud the words together a few times each morning and then discussing meaning/importance.

Tomorrow I think I will gradually start removing some of the phrases to see how well it is sticking in my kids' minds.

I have not been taking advantage of the Primary songs yet--which I need to do. But I have also been looking for additional helps and thought I would share a few good things I have found.

The cute punch card shown above is available here. I may even print these up for my Activity Day girls. has some helpful clipart and puzzles for each of the Articles of Faith. They also have a test where you type in the missing words of the individual verses. I had fun testing my own knowledge this morning (and found I need a little refresher course myself!).

Sugardoodle (as usual) also has a great deal of resources and suggestions to help with learning the Articles of Faith.

I also found a nice poster on .pdf you can get for free from Mormon Share. It has the Articles of Faith printed over a portrait of Joseph Smith.

What other ideas have helped your kids memorize the Articles of Faith? Any and all suggestions are welcome!

Scripture of the Day: 1 Cor. 3:16-17


  1. Wha a great mom you are! How lucky your kids are as well as your MM girls to have you.

    My favorite way to learn anything is either with a rhythm or put to song. Along with that I like posters etc. where you can remove all the words or pictures as you learn. The only problem I have with my seminary class, is probably for the rest of their lives they are going to have to sing every scripture in order to recite it. :-)

  2. I help pass off AofF in primary and it is amazing how many of them are humming the tune while they recite. I think learning the songs is absolutely the fastest and easiest way to go (says a mom who hasn't done it herself for her own kids . . .)

  3. The songs help a lot! That is how I learned them as well as scripture mastery! You could also try having him write it down, sometimes that helps a lot too! It also helps if you can come up with key phrases that represent each one, then all he has to do is know the key word with the article and recite it from there! Good luck!

  4. Maybe I can do some of this with my Sunday School class.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!

  5. This is a great idea!

  6. I was actually just thinking about working on this with my family as I walked to work this morning. So thank you for sharing the links.

  7. What a great post Becky, Thanks.

  8. What a great blog!! Thanks for stopping past mine, it is so nice to meet you.
    PS I teach singing in Primary and the kids just love learning the A of F songs, and are picking them up so quickly.


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