Saturday, March 14, 2009

DIY #2

There is a 22' long plant shelf in my family room. For the past nine months the light up there has been burned out.



I am not happy the light is more yellow there than on the sides. But at least it is working now. And, yes, that vase is the sole decoration I have up there.

Estimated project time: 1 hour

Estimated project cost: $9

Scripture of the Day: Malachi 3:1


  1. Yea, I had to find the ladder. Then I had to go to Home Depot to get the right light bulb. Then come home and put it in and get rid of the burned out one.

  2. Even if it took and hour to get done. How great that you were able to fix it and now have it working.

    Now that you have the ladder out, maybe you could come help me change my light bulbs.


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