Thursday, January 29, 2009

Daddy's Girl

I have decided to occasionally spotlight important people in my life. Today I thought I would start with my Dad. I have to admit that I am very much a Daddy's Girl. I admire my father a lot. Here's the 4-1-1 on him:

Name: Jim

Occupation: college marketing professor

Favorite color: green

Favorite saying: "Hi! I'm tall, slim, good-looking Jim!" (He is tall, and fairly good-looking. 2 out of 3 ain't bad!)

You see, my dad is very fond of corny jokes. In fact, we love to sit around as a family and just say the punchlines of all the corny jokes my dad tells. See if you know any of these:

"I woke up and my pillow was gone!"
"There's millions of them in Paris."
(singing) "Your sister Rose is dead! Your sister Rose is dead!"

Being such a lover of corny jokes it is easy to explain how positive my dad is--he generally always sees the glass as half full. I love that about him and wish I was more like that myself.

A few other great things about my dad:

He leaves little love notes hidden around the house for my mom whenever he leaves to go out of town for a few days. Sometimes if he is gone for longer he leaves extras for me to go and hide for him to "replenish" the stock for my mom.

He is a great public speaker. I guess teaching college classes for 25+ years does that for a person. What is extra fun though is whenever he speaks in public and I am there I will give him a challenge to use a crazy word somehow in his talk (with only five minutes notice). Once at a funeral I challenged him to use the word 'cataclysmic.' He used it twice in his speech!

My dad is not afraid to have fun or make a fool out of himself. When my mom was the gospel doctrine teacher, once she was giving a lesson on the Word of Wisdom and he came stumbling into the room as though he were a drunk. Then at the end of the lesson he came in again in a jogging suit pretending he was all fit and reformed.

He is a terrific grandfather! I have been trying to encourage my kids to want to continue in taking piano lessons. He told them that with every set of books they finished he would pay them a $50 reward. And he has! He prints up a certificate of achievement and tells them how proud he is of their accomplishments and then encourages them to continue.

Although he is certainly not perfect, he is a wonderful man. I really appreciate the good example he has been in my life. Thanks Dad!

Scripture of the Day: Alma 38:3


  1. I love this post - I think I'd like to adopt this great idea ( and your dad)

  2. What a wonderful man! I love that you help him out with the notes, that's so adorable and special for your mom.

  3. I wish everyone had great dads like you and I do. It's so important, and we're so lucky.

  4. What a wonderful tribute. I am sure your father will be so happy and touched to read it. He sounds like a very fun and kind man--and a great grandfather. (My dad was a marketing professor as well. He taught at BYU for many years.)So my favorite thing you said about your dad is how you challenge him to use words in his talks. I think that is so fun.


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