Sunday, January 4, 2009

Year of Miracles #37

Last month I blogged about miracles in relation to stem cell treatment for those with cerebral palsy. Our family joined in fasting with my brother Jeff's family to know if this was a course of treatment they should pursue for my nine-year-old nephew Harrison. That fast Sunday Jeff shared his testimony in his ward and briefly mentioned their desire to explore stem cell treatments for Harrison.

As Jeff and his family were leaving the ward building after church a fairly new member of the ward approached them. It turned out that this new member is a doctor and is in charge of a stem cell research study at a local hospital. His study was not in relation to CP, but this ward member asked if my brother's family would allow him to search out potentially appropriate research studies that may help Harrison. He has already met with their family and it looks as though a German facility may be the best option out there now. This was truly an answer to prayer and fasting for all of us.

Hopefully this will be "to be continued" with even more miracles! I will keep you updated.

For another remarkable miracle that happened this past week, visit Amazing Becky's blog and read this.

Scripture of the Day: Luke 21:8


  1. Very cool stuff, Becky. I'll be anxiously awaiting any updates you'd like to share!

  2. How amazing that these two families would end up close to each other! I am looking forward to the "the rest of the story."

  3. We have had so many miracles like that happen in our lives. It is so amazing! I am interested to hear about the CP stem cell research what with our Big Guy being similarly afflicted (tho I doubt as intensely as your nephew). Great post--and so was Becky's!

  4. Prayer & Fasting is always answered.


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