Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Home Feels SO Good!

Yesterday I spent from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. traveling home from Denver. And when I finally saw the lights of the Valley I was so happy to be home. While I was driving that long distance I could not help but compare how easy it is to what the pioneers had to experience. Here were some of my thoughts as I drove (and drove and drove):

Me: mentally complaining about one whole day of driving
Pioneers: 3+ months of walking/pushing/pulling handcarts

Me: mentally complaining about having to eat at another fast food restaurant
Pioneers: having to use meager supplies, kill animals along the way, or just go hungry

Me: mentally complaining that my 4-cylinder car doesn't handle hills well
Pioneers: pushing and pulling all they own up the hills

Me: mentally complaining the car heater was drying out my skin
Pioneers: dealing with all the elements directly, having a fire at night to warm them

Me: listening to Sweetie Peach complaining her feet hurt from riding in the car so much
Pioneers: walked and walked and walked and walked and walked

I wonder if my pioneer ancestors are up there watching and thinking how much of a wimp I am... probably. I would not blame them if they did. We have it so easy, and I am so grateful for the advanced technology that makes it easy. But especially I am grateful just to be home again. In my own bed. Safe and sound.

Scripture of the Day: Col. 1:23

P.S. Sorry about my lack of commenting while out of town. I did not even get to check my dashboard. I will be playing catch-up today. I am looking forward to reading all of your great posts!


  1. Oh, that makes me feel sooooo guilty! I was just thinking how much easier life would be if I had two microwaves so I could warm more things up at once. Now I feel so bad!!! Glad you are home though. I am going to Denver next week but we will be flying. I wish it were closer as I can't afford to fly everytime I would like to go there and I know it is a very, long drive! (But not as long as crossing the plains. :-)

  2. I think we have our own trials. That said, I'd not have wanted to make that trek with the pioneers--I'm a wimp myself. I'm glad I was born in the day of climate-control!

  3. Reminds me of that talk Sister Beck (I think it was her) gave at Women's Conferece--how the pioneers didn't do all that just so we could have strip malls. We need to honor thei sacrifices with how we live.

    But I hate driving long hours too. :)

  4. I am right there with you. I often think of the faith it would have taken to pack up a home , say goodbye to family and go into unknown territory and what s more the faith to KEEP going when children were lost. WOW - I stand amazed.

  5. I think like that all the time. I DO. NOT. KNOW. how they did all that was required of them. I am amazed, and feel like dirt too. :)

  6. This post hits home because I think of that all the time. Whenever I start to get down about having to deal with our four kids by myself, traveling and pushing them through airports I'll think of the pioneer women who had to cross the plains on their own with their children and it suddenly makes it all seem so much easier. But it also gives me strength because I know if my ancestors could do it to make a better life for their families then I can do it too.

  7. So, for me, the obvious question is, what's in Denver? (besides the house we used to live in?) This is such an insightful post, btw.

  8. Heidi, My brother and his family live there. And they complain all the time that family does not come see them enough. I have been five times in 7 years... the long drive and expensive gas prices have been deterrents.


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