Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Little Spring Cleaning

Today I was putting more Christmas tree stuff away and decided I was sick of the drapes in my living room. The drapes are more like sheers with lace insets. They came with the house and I have never liked them; I have just been too lazy (or too poor? why are curtains so expensive?) these past five years to replace them. But this morning I couldn't take them any longer, so down they came.

And then I could see how badly my windows needed cleaning. So I got out my handy dandy Housekeeping book from Martha Stewart (a gold mine of information, if I do say so), read quickly the best way to wash the windows --which is to use equal parts vinegar and hot water-- and set at it. Steve took the screens off for me and I did both the inside and outside. They look SO much better. I even squirted the screens off.

Next I pulled some plain white sheers out of my linen closet. (I had them hanging in my last house; I don't know why I never thought of using them before, but $0 was a great price. Especially after the overspending at Christmas). I ironed them, and now they are hanging up and I am very much enjoying the improvement. A bit on the boring side, but an improvement. Remember my goal for completing a home improvement project this year? It may well be this living room...

But in the meantime I just need to talk Steve into putting tile on the window sills. And put the Christmas tree away.

Scripture of the Day: D&C 12:2


  1. No before picture? I always forget the before picture. I am almost done with re-doing a chair but this time I DID remember the before pic--tho I doubt anyone will be interested. Or maybe I'll just never finish it. Either way, congrats on crossing something off your list so early!

  2. home improved. I totally think that counts. :)

  3. You did your home improvement project - out the check in the box.

  4. I absolutely love those inovative and free projects. Way to go! Good luck with more projects to come. My life wouldn't be the same if I didn't always have a project (or two or three) in the works.


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