Sunday, January 11, 2009

Year of Miracles #38

Three "mini" miracles for this week. Maybe these are silly little things, but my head is too stuffy to think of much else.

1. This week my hair color was on sale for a great deal (savings of $3). Then there was a coupon in the paper for an additional $2 off. Yay for saving $5 on something I needed to get done.

2. I finished up my manuscript and got it over to Mary to edit. This is something I have wanted to wrap up for more than a month now, so it feels miraculous to get this far. Many of the ideas in it were promptings from the spirit, too, so I feel really good about it.

3. My VT just happens to have snow boots and pants in Sweetie Peach and Kitty's sizes--I did not think hardly anyone in the Phoenix area had snow boots! Especially in kids' sizes. What's more, she is willing to let me borrow them. We need these for our trip we are taking to Denver later this week.

Bonus: Onehm had a good miraculous experience happen this past week. If you haven't read it yet, click here.

Scripture of the Day: Ether 12:6


  1. Thanks for sharing hat story (via linkage). Can't wait for your new book! Love that you color your hair as do I!

  2. Becky, if you need more stuff, talk to my mom. They probably have tons of kids snow stuff - I don't think they've gotten rid of it yet. Including boots.

  3. I have to color the grays--they are too obvious without it. I did not want to start, but after a few comments were made I gave in.

  4. I love your miracles!

    As for the meet and greets, as you asked on my post, I've never been to one, but some of these girls who are close enough or willing to travel will meet for a big dinner at a restaurant somewhere (generally in Utah.) From what I can tell, the only flaw is that who you get to know better will depend on who you sit by at the restaurant.

    If everyone wanted to drive to the Boise area, I'd love to do one at my house, where we could mingle better!


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