Friday, January 16, 2009

Police Beat #24

A laugh a day keeps the doctor away!

Oct. 18: A female resident of Wymount Terrace called in a suspicious phone call in which a man made statements with the intent of hypnotizing the student. The student said she does not remember most of the conversation, but she called him her master. Police say it is virtually impossible hypnotize someone over the phone.

(Comment: I wonder how likely it is to hypnotize someone over a blog... Hmmm... You are getting sleepy...)

Oct. 25: BYUPD received a phone call at 7:49 p.m. reporting loiterers at the gazebo at the Alumni House. Upon arrival, police discovered a group of students composing poetry.

(Comment: Yeah, but by 7:53 p.m. they were done with the poetry and were still there loitering.)

Nov. 1: Police received a call concerning screams and pounding coming from a room in the Maeser Building. Police investigated and discovered the screaming man was a custodial worker watching the game between Texas and Texas Tech., and was upset about his team's loss.

(Comment: I would like to hear the rant this custodian must have had after BYU lost to U of A in the Las vegas Bowl!)

Nov. 17: Police responded to a call reporting suspicious individuals with red paint. It was subsequently determined that these individuals were paint contractors who were painting a fence on campus.

(Comment: And they believed them?!? Everyone knows red is the color of the U! If they were real paint contractors, they would have been painting blue.)

Dec. 7: A student reported talking to a man with a chainsaw on the north side of the Wilkinson Center. The man said he was going to "cut him a Christmas tree." Officers never found the suspect.

(Comment: But that Christmas tree in University Mall this year was absolutely lovely--and very fresh.)

Scripture of the Day: Ether 12:18


  1. I love Fridays! Not only is it the last day of the work week, but I get to read the police beat. It is always good for a laugh.I am glad you comment on them. That is often the best part.

  2. Love the nov. 1st entry--that is classic!


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