Monday, January 19, 2009

A Little Church History

I had never heard this story about Joseph Smith before. Apparently it happened prior to the first vision.

"At the age of fourteen an incident occurred which alarmed us much, as we knew not the cause of it. Joseph being a remarkably quiet, well disposed child, we did not suspect that any one had aught against him. He was out one evening on an errand, and, on returning home, as he was passing through the dooryard a gun was fired across his pathway, with the evident intention of shooting him. He sprang to the door much frightened. We immediately went in search of the assassin but could find no trace of him that evening. The next morning we found his tracks under a wagon; where he lay when he fired; and the following day we found the balls which were discharged from the gun, lodged in the head and neck of a cow that was standing opposite the wagon, in a dark corner. We have not as yet discovered the man who maple this attempt at murder, neither can we discover the cause thereof."

~ Lucy Smith's "Biographical Sketches", page 73

Scripture of the Day: Alma 34:17


  1. Whoa. Satan had it in for him even then. Thanks for sharing this one--I hadn't heard it.

  2. Maybe it was a time traveling anti-Mormon. (Too much Smallville for me)


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